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Nechama Polak

Clinical Psychologist
Individual & Couple Psychotherapist

Nechama Polak


I am a Clinical Psychologist, Couple, and Individual Psychotherapist and an EMDR practitioner. I have worked for many years with adults, couples, adolescents and parents in the NHS and private practice. I also offer clinical supervision and provide consultations to teams and organisations in both the public and private sectors.

Based on my broad and multiple trainings and many years of experiences, I am specialised to work in different modalities and think individually about the needs of every person or couple. I offer therapy in English, Hebrew, and Dutch and work with different insurance companies including Bupa, AXA, David Shields, and Aviva, amongst others.

In life we go through different phases and different transitions such as the transition to adulthood, becoming parents, having adolescent children, losses, and aging. People come across multiple difficulties such as depression, anxieties, separation, blended families, post-trauma, and loneliness. Some of the ways people learn to cope are related to their previous life experiences and patterns that are familiar to them. Therapy helps each individual and couple to know themselves and their patterns better and become in touch with their more helpful coping skills and understand those patterns which are less helpful.

My consulting room is based in North West London.
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